How does the evaluation process work?

  • If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation, or you simply have questions concerning your child’s development or skills, we would love to have you call our office at 770-998-9599. Staff will be available to talk with you and answer any questions and if you would like, will get the process initiated for the initial evaluation appointment.
  • During the initial phone consultation, Cobblestone will gather information regarding any benefits that you may want to access, as well as any scheduling needs/requests. Basic client information and areas of concern will be discussed, and an evaluation will be scheduled.
  • A Cobblestone clinician will be in touch prior to the evaluation appointment to gain further information in order to be most prepared for the evaluation.
  • Cobblestone staff will call and email with benefits information and will direct you to our website to access necessary forms and paperwork.

What should I expect from an evaluation?

The speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist will gather information through a variety of ways that may include observation, formal and informal assessment, parent interviews, teacher questionnaires, and review of previous reports or notes. A hearing screening may be a component of a speech-language evaluation if one has not been conducted recently. After all of the appropriate information has been gathered, the clinician will analyze, compile, and interpret scores as appropriate to gain a comprehensive picture of each child’s strengths, weakness, and current levels of performance across areas.

What should I expect after the evaluation is completed?

Cobblestone clinicians will analyze all the data and information gathered in order to develop a comprehensive evaluation report/plan of care. The clinician will review the results of the evaluation with the parent and will also discuss the recommended frequency and duration of treatment, if treatment is warranted, and will then review recommended goals and objectives.